7 Tricks To Wash Carpet At Home Until Shiny

Cleaning the carpet is a pretty heavy job. To deal with this, you can use the services of the Carpet Cleaning Northern Beaches. However, if you follow the steps below, guaranteed to wash the carpet session will not be as difficult as you think!

Carpet Washing Tips and Tricks:
1. Before Washing the Carpet, Clean it First
First, clean the carpet from dust by using a vacuum cleaner or a brush broom. So that dust and all dirt will be lifted when washed using water.

2. Wash the Carpet with the Hanging Method
Hang the carpet on a long stretch of rope like a clothesline for heavy clothing. Apart from the fact that clean water will flow and wash the carpet better, you also don’t need to try to lift the wet carpet from the floor to dry in the sun when it’s finished. Wet rugs will be difficult to lift because they are heavy, and if forced, you could damage the seams.

3. Use a Water Spray when Washing the Carpet
Wash the carpet at home using a water spray to make it cleaner. The pressure exerted by the sprayer more forcefully penetrates between the carpet. Don’t forget to use a soft brush. Avoid using a brush with hard bristles because it can damage the material and the surface of the carpet.

4. Always Use Special Soap Soap
If you don’t have carpet washing soap, you can replace it with baby soap. Its chemical concentration is lower and the risk of damage to carpet material is also lower.

5. Rinse More Than Twice
To be cleaner, rub the carpet several times gently until there is no foam left on the surface of the carpet. Pay attention to small gaps such as the stitching angle because that is where the dirt usually collects.

6. Avoid drying the carpet in the sun
Check the heat of the sun at that time. When the sun is blazing hot, wait a while until it is a little shady, especially for carpets made of soft material. The heat of the sun can damage the carpet material and make it dry. If the carpet you wash is Arabian type, drying it in the sun is still allowed.

7. Additional Secret Material
After the carpet is dry, do not immediately roll or display in the house! Sprinkle a little baking soda on the surface of the carpet to avoid the musty smell. Wait for 1 minute then clean again with a vacuum cleaner.

Your house carpet can be used immediately!

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